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Courtney & Mario

Laie, North Shore

photos by Jenna Leigh Photography

A rustic and elegant wedding tucked-away on Oahu’s North Shore; an intimate beach front event adorned with natural greenery and ethereal white chiffon.

Love Story

Mario and I met through mutual friends at a birthday party in  2009. We became friends quickly and bonded over a common love of travel, food, music and adventure. I was drawn to Mario for his happy, funny, up-beat and "life of the party" personality. One day we were out with friends I began to wonder what it would be like to kiss him. I made a bold move, and didn't find myself wondering any more. Right after we kissed, he asked me out on a date. I was a little nervous because if things didn't pan out, I knew it would affect the dynamics of our group of friends. But I thought he was worth the risk (I was right!).  He took me to sushi on a Monday night and we sat for hours talkinglaughing and really getting to know each other on a whole different level. The next day  he texted, asking me out on that coming Saturday. I said yes and asked what he wanted to do. He told me it was a surprise, and to dress comfortably. He too me to Hollywood Forever cemetery, where they screen old movies on Rudy Valentino's Mausoleum. We sat under the stars eating all sorts of delicious treats he cooked earlier that day, while watching Paper Moon. That night, on our second date, I knew I had fallen for him. 

Favorite Elements

I loved all of the little details that we incorporated into the day. Insteadof using guests full names, we used the nicknames that we call them, because wewanted the day to feel like an extension of who we were. Guests got anunexpected surprise when looking for their spots! We also wrote each guest apersonalized note. A friend of mine did calligraphy on the bottom of my weddingshoes. The ink used was my something blue. Mario wore cuff links that I gave tohim for his 30th birthday.  All these little things really added up andmade the day a wonderful reflection of who we are as couple.

Wedding Essentials

Other than for Mario to show up... ;) I'd say the flowers. I used to be a florist and flowers are my passion. So it was really important to me that there were some jaw dropping incredible flowers. For Mario, the food and wine was most important. A chef can't have mediocre food and drinks at his own wedding!

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